Empowering Students Toward

a Brighter Future

Dear JMPHS Parents and Students,


It is my pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great year at JMPHS! Our goal of ‘Empowering Students Toward a Brighter Future” will thrive this upcoming year as we continue to raise the bar for excellence in academics and personal growth.

This summer we have been actively planning the curriculum and creating activities that will inspire our faculty and enable our administration to engage students in their learning, to help them develop a vision for their future, and to prepare them to leave JMPHS with confidence and success. Through multiple learning pathways, including challenging classroom environments, Career and Technical Education courses, opportunities for interaction with local business partners, and access to postsecondary education through dual enrollment at local colleges and vocational schools, students will be able to make great strides toward turning their dreams for the future into reality.

We also wanted to take a moment to briefly update you as to our progress over the last three academic years. In 2015-16 we were a ‘C’ (42%), 2016-17 we were a ‘C’ (53%), and this year we were awarded a School Grade of a ‘B’(56%) by the state.  We increased our school grade by 3% from last year but by 14% overall in 3 years (and we are diligently working for an ‘A’).  When the students succeed we all succeed.

 Not only did JMPHS increase our total points to be within six percentage points of an ‘A’ but we also increased student performance on state assessments in five components. Our graduation rate for our second graduating class was 93% and none of the state grade components reflect our students’ high success rates on both the SAT & ACT as well as the PERT. We are working on becoming a STEM accredited school through AdvancED the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  We still have much work to do, but with our CTE certifications and advanced classes, we will continue to raise our school grade thus demonstrating the high learning standards we provide for your student(s).

As you and your student(s) finish preparing for the school year to begin it is our great hope that we can continue to offer the opportunities necessary for students to move from success in the classroom to success in the real world. If you have any questions please feel free to call the school at (850) 253-2173, email us at school@jmphs.org, visit our school website at www.jmphs.org, or visit our Facebook page.

It is a privilege to partner with you and your student(s) to ensure that they receive a high-quality education to prepare themselves for future success. We are honored to be part of this community and look forward to all the joys and rewards this year offers.

Warm Regards,

 Scot Bunch, Principal