The mission of James Madison Preparatory High School is to provide a rigorous college preparatory high school that promotes student ownership of learning through a content-rich liberal arts curriculum emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The school’s vision, based on the motto “Libertas per Doctrina (Freedom through Learning),” is to Empower Students Towards A Brighter Future.

To accomplish its mission and realize its vision, JMPHS students study complex, real-world problems in a collaborative environment with scientists, engineers, and other professionals within the community and through educational programs with North Florida Community College, such as dual enrollment and professional development workshops. Thus, JMPHS sets high expectations for all students, promotes good citizenship, develops ethical leaders, and produces graduates with a 21st century global perspective.

James Madison Preparatory High School is Madison County’s first public charter high school. By offering a rigorous college preparatory public school option, JMPHS will make a positive contribution to the Madison County School District. Moreover, JMPHS graduates will be highly attractive applicants to postsecondary institutions and will be prepared to compete globally in the 21st century.

JMPHS is committed to providing a complete, compliant, and compelling educational program open to all students who are able to participate in a traditional classroom 80% of the time. The school strives to meet high standards of student achievement by aligning instruction with standards and assessments and making data-driven decisions. These high standards are accomplished by utilizing a rigorous and relevant liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes STEM disciplines and employing student-centered, integrative, and experiential learning strategies through a blended model of digital learning tools and teacher-led instruction. To ensure JMPHS achieves and maintains these high standards, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accreditation and STEM certification processes will begin during the third year of operation.

Increasing student learning and academic achievement are the cornerstone of JMPHS. Therefore, JMPHS strives to (1) exceed the state average in FCAT 2.0 and all EOC Exams and (2) become a high-performing charter school after three years of operation. To achieve these goals, JMPHS participates in all applicable components of the State of Florida System of Accountability, conducts research-based assessments and pre- and post-tests in core subjects, and uses assessment data annually to evaluate the effectiveness of the educational program, faculty, and staff and to develop measurable learning objectives.