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JMPHS Vision


The vision of James Madison Preparatory High School is to empower students through learning by providing a diverse education that promotes the development of broader perspectives and the discovery of greater opportunities.


Therefore, JMPHS strives to instill the following core values:


Community-- Foster a spirit of fellowship and unity by promoting equality while respecting diversity to create an environment of mutual trust, respect, and appreciation.


Personal Development- Stimulate passion to excel and to lead by helping students achieve a high level of competency; confidence in their abilities; and balanced mind, body, and spirit.


Intellectual Curiosity-- Create an environment that fosters critical thinking and creative inquiry to help students develop analytical, practical, and creative skills necessary for future success.


Social Responsibility-- Nurture civic engagement and responsible stewardship locally, nationally, and globally by helping students understand their obligations as citizens and broaden their perspectives beyond their inner circles.



JMPHS Mission


The mission of James Madison Preparatory High School is to provide a rigorous college and career preparatory high school that promotes student ownership of learning through a content-rich curriculum emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).


Goal 1:  Foster Student Success


By studying complex, real-world problems in an integrative and collaborative environment with college instructors, business professionals, and community leaders, students will unleash their potential for success. 


Goal 2:  Promote Civic Engagement


By setting high expectations and teaching our core values, JMPHS will promote good citizenship, develop ethical leaders, and produce graduates with a 21st-century global perspective.