Standard 24 Credit Option

ACCEL option


Academic Dual Enrollment

  • Demonstrate readiness for college-level work by attaining a pre-set score on the Florida College Entry-Level Placement Test, the ACT or SAT
  • Have a 3.0 cumulative GPA (unweighted)
  • Not enroll in more than 11 hours of college courses per term without prior approval
  • Not have withdrawn from college course more than 10 days after the classes start
  • Maintain a B or above to be eligible for the next term (JMPHS Policy)
  • Provide their own transportation
  • Select courses eligible for high school credit approved by the State Articulation Committee

Promotion and Retention

Grade placement and promotions in grades 9-12 are based on the accumulation of credits and minimum grade point average.  Placement in grade 9 is dependent upon successful completion of grade 8.

  • 9th Grade Student - One who has been promoted or assigned from eighth grade
  • 10th Grade Student - One that has earned 6 high school credits  
  • 11th Grade Student - One who has earned 12 high school credits
  • 12th Grade Student - One who has earned 18 high school credits and a 2.0 cumulative (unweighted) grade point average

Graduation Requirements for 2018-19

4 - English credits

4 - Mathematics credits.

3 - Science credits

3- Social Studies credit

1 - Health & Physical Education credit

1 - Fine Art

8 - Electives

2- STEM Electives required for incoming Freshmen 2018/19 school year.  

Must have one online course

Total credits: 26

Make sure you are on track for graduation! You must meet the following requirements:

  • 26 credits
  • Online economics
  • Passing score on the Algebra EOC or 97 on the PERT
  • Passing score of Level 3 on the ELA or 19 on the ACT or 430 on SAT
  • 2.0 cumulative (unweighted) grade point average

Scholar Designation

In addition to meeting the 24-credit standard high school diploma requirements, a student must meet the following requirements: earn 1 credit in Algebra II; pass the Geometry EOC; earn 1 credit in statistics or an equally rigorous mathematics course; pass the Biology I EOC; earn 1 credit in chemistry or physics; earn 1 credit in a course equally rigorous to chemistry or physics; pass the U.S. History EOC; earn 2 credits in the same world language; and earn at least 1 credit in AP, IB, AICE or a dual enrollment course. A student is exempt from the Biology I or U.S. History assessment if the student is enrolled in an AP, IB or AICE Biology I or U.S. History course and the student takes the respective AP, IB or AICE assessment; and earns the minimum score to earn college credit 

Scholarship Information


Taking the ACT or SAT is a must in order to be considered eligible for the highest Bright Futures Awards.  You must obtain a minimum of a 26 on the ACT, or a minimum of 1170 on the SAT to be eligible for the top two tiers of Bright Futures.  You must meet a minimum amount of community service hours as well.  


(financial aid for college housing)


FLDOE Dual Enrollment Information

JMPHS Dual Enrollment FAQs Sheet


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STEM Mini Quiz for College Readiness


Florida Virtual School is an outstanding educational option, however, there are a few classes that JMPHS requires a student take on campus.  Classes that have an End of Course Exam associated with them need to be taken at JMPHS.  

Algebra I (if the student has not taken it prior to coming to JMPHS)

English 2



US History

Some students try to work ahead of pace and take these classes while taking classes at JMPHS.  Students are more than welcome to work ahead, but the above listed classes must be taken at JMPHS.  

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email.